District 12 AA Hotline number 315-210-6644

Call this number to reach an AA member in your area


I am Responsible. When Anyone, Anywhere Reaches Out For Help, I Want The Hand Of A.A. Always To Be There. And For That, I Am Responsible !

Clickings any of the links below will set up an email to the chosen district position member. (Coming Soon)

Contact Via Email

District Committee Member (DCM) – Email the DCM for District 12, Area 48.

1st Alternate District Committee Member – Secondary contact for information about the district.

2nd Alternate District Committee Member – Secondary Contact for information about the district.

3rd Alternate District Committee Member  – (Position temporarily vacant) – Secondary Contact for information about the district.

Secretary – Contact to submit reports and new business requests.

Treasurer – Contact about current district funding and submit receipts.

Records/Archivist – Contact to update your GSR, information regarding meetings or to get records.

Corrections – Arranges for volunteers to gain entry to bring meetings into prisons and jails. Establishes and maintains relations with volunteers and corrections professionals.

Treatment – (Position temporarily vacant) – Visits district treatment facilities to make staff aware of the AA program and offer to start open meetings or bring in a speaker.

Contact with the Professional Community / Professional Information  (CPC/PI)  – Contact about information for hospitals, rehabs and treatment facilities. Responsible for making sure AA literature is present in hospitals, schools, doctors and lawyers offices.

Briging the Gap – Finds contacts to take people newly released from treatment facilities, institutions, prisons and jails to their first meetings and introducing them to the program.

Webmaster – Contact for info regarding this website, hotline and email.

Literature/Grapevine – Contact for pamphlets, AA literature and Grapevine/LaVina subscriptions.

Functions – Contact about upcoming district events and planning committees.

Accessibility – (Position temporarily vacant) – Contact regarding special needs access to meetings.

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