District 12 Relaunch ZOOM meeting

The first District 12 meeting will take place on ZOOM Saturday, September 19 at 5 p.m.

All current D12 leadership participants and any interested in or curious about service are urged to attend. As we trudge the “road to happy destiny” through the COVID-19 crisis, many service positions are open and in need of trusted servants to help us keep going and lead us into the new normal. Service helps keep us sober!

The following positions are open:

General Service Representative (GSR) for your homegroup – The backbone of district level AA service; at least 2 years of sobriety recommended. Liason between AA groups and the district. Bring group information, needs and concerns to district attention; attend district meetings and bring information to the group; encourage service participation at all levels.

District Committee Member (DCM) – At least 4 to 5 years sobriety, 2+ years of previous service experience as GSR or district level service.  Appoint people to COMMITTEES, visit every meeting.

Alternate DCM (3 alternates) – At least 4 years sobriety, 2 years of district level service. Support and fill in for DCM.

Public Information (PI) – At least 2 years of sobriety. Uses media (newspaper, etc.) to make appropriate information available and accessible for the public; does radio reviews.

Corrections – At least 3 years sobriety. Work with county and state correctional facilities to get meetings into each and every facility for inmates to attend.

Grapevine – At least 2 years of sobriety. Promote Grapevine literature and encourage members to subscribe.

Accessibility – At least 2 years of sobriety. Maintain accurate list of handicapped accessibility of D12 meetings; encourage new groups to seek handicapped accessible venues.

Secretary – At least 2 years of sobriety. Take minutes of district meetings,  transcribe and present minutes for approval at the following meeting. Manage monthly district meeting sign-in sheets and keep mailing list up to date.

Recordskeeper – At least 2 years of sobriety. Keep all district records, keep current all meeting and group information.

Contact with the Professional Community (CPC) – At least 2 years of sobriety. Liason between D12 and the local professionals; staff booths at health fairs and other outreach to the community.

Treatment – At least 2 years of sobriety. Coordinate with local treatment facilities to make meetings and literature available to those in treatment.

Functions – At least 2 years of sobriety. Facilitate and coordinate planning of district level events; produce flyers to promote upcoming events.

Treasurer – At least 3 years sobriety. Keep accurate records of district income and  expenses, maintain the prudent reserve, disburse funds via check; prepare budget and serve on finance committee; prepare and present monthly district financial reports. 

Website/Hotline – At least 2 years of sobriety. Maintain D12 website and AA hotline; regularly post information about D12 with links to Area website.

Bridging the Gap –  At least 2 years of sobriety. Maintains list of sober members willing to connect with those emerging from treatment, rehabilitation facilities, halfway houses and correctional facilities; connects the prospective members with these sober members to facilitate integration into ‘outside’ AA. 

Archivist – At least 2 years of sobriety. Collect and keep all documents and artifacts in secure environment for display as needed. Maintain inventory.

Librarian – At least 2 years of sobriety. Purchase conference approved literature for D12 groups, monitor group literature needs, maintain physical inventory and coordinate with treasurer.